How to Entertain a Dog When You Are Away: Tips and Tricks to Bust Dog Boredom

Is your dog bored while you are away?  

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Is he destructive when left alone for too long?  If so, I’ve compiled a list of the best boredom busting dog items available.

Check this out……

Watch, talk and toss your fur kid a treat! Any time any place, all with this nifty little device, straight from your cell phone! bored dogs, dog boredom, dog toys for boredom

I highly recommend the Furbo Dog Camera. This particular model includes an adjustable barking alert, two-way audio, night vision and the famous treat tosser! You will always know when critter chaos is going on while you’re a way!

Fill a hollow toy like this KONG with a little peanut butter or they are made for stuffing with KONG treats. This is a guarantee your pooch will be entertained for hour while you are away.bored dog toys, dog boredom, stimulate your dog KONGS are available in a variety of colors, sizes and available in single or multi packs. Guaranteed to stimulate your dog senses for hours.

If your looking for the ultimate interactive dog toy…..

Look no further! This is is it……..

 The EETOYS Doggy Dumbbell!    stimulate dogs senses, interactive dog toys, beat dog boredom

The doggy dumbell is designed to stimulate and entertain the aggressive chewer, its a treat dispenser and  teeth cleaning toy all in one bundle!

The Dog Twister!

Is great for dogs that are require challenging game and hours of entertainment.  The dog puzzle works to combine both mental stimulation and independent play to maximize your dog’s playtime while working to exercise their mind and body. Through treat discovery, your dog is engaged and excited to learn new tricks!   challenging dog toys, bored dog

Dog Twister is available online.

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Keep Your Dog Busy With Interactive Play

Being home alone doesn’t have to be a boring time for your dog. Bored dogs get into trouble! All dogs thrive on interactive play, and it has a big impact on their overall health and well being. As dog parents, we are responsible for providing our pets with a few stimulating toys and treats through out the day to keep them busy.  

 A happy dog makes for a happy owner. 

-Lucy Lee

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