Traveling With Dogs? 6 Dog Essentials To Make Traveling With Your Pets Painless

Are you planning on traveling by car with dogs over the holidays, summer or winter vacations?Traveling with dogs, Dog Essentials, traveling by car with dogs, Traveling with your pet, traveling with pets

Traveling with your pet can be hassle-free with a little bit of planning. Here are some basic dog essentials to make the trip fun & painless for you and your pet. 

Hurry up, pack up the furry ones and go!

Essential 1- Dog Car Seat Covers      dog care seat cover, traveling with dog, dog traveling in car, pets in car

Dog car seat covers for muddy paws marks and hair. Keep your little furry friend happy and your expensive ride in tip top condition. This premium seat cover is water proof, easy to clean & machine washable! Made with easy access to the seat belts for the next essential travel necessity!



   Essential 2- Seat Belt Tethertraveling with pets, dog essentials, dog travel tips

A seat belt tether is a necessity anytime your pet is in your vehicle. Whether it be a trip to the groomer or dog park. The belt  helps comfortably restrain your pets in the front seat or back seat of the car. It allows them to sit, lay down, or stand to look out the window. This particular design in my favorite because of the bungee feature. It gives Fido a little more movement and flexibility while in the car. Please be safe and keep your pets safe!

Essential 3 – Pet Booster Seat  traveling with pets, travel with dog, safe travel with dogs, dog booster seat  

This pet booster seat is perfect for the little dog travelers. No person or pet wants to sit in a car for hours with out a view. Give your little dog a boost!    

dog travel essentials, road trip with dog, dogs traveling, travel with petEssential 4- Collapsible Dog Bowls    

Perfect and convenient for quick stops during the trip to re-hydrate the pooch! Made from silicone and machine washable. Don’t leave home with out them! Also great for hikes and walks around the block on hot days.


Essential 5- Personalized Dog Collar   dog collars for travel, dogs traveling, dogs road trip, traveling with your pets

Make sure your pet wears a collar with tags that includes your cell phone number. Another alternative to clinking dog tags is a personalized dog collar. You never know when your dog may be spooked and run off in unfamiliar territory.

 dog travel, pets in car, car trip with dogs, dogs on road tripEssential 6- Retractable Leash with Poop Bag Holder    

Stop frequently for exercise & potty breaks.  A well-exercised animal will sleep and not be all over the place in a vehicle.  Most highway rest stops have places to walk your dog. Keep your dog on a leash and make sure to clean up after your pet. A retractable dog leash with poop bags attached are an easy and convenient way to clean up after your pet.

Bring along your pet’s bedding and a few favorite toys……  dog travels. traveling wit pets, how to travel with your dog, dog travels Having familiar items along for the trip can help ease the stress of traveling and make the trip more enjoyable for both you and your animal companion.

Happy & Safe Travels!

– Lucy Lee

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